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Full-Stack Web Development with MERN

Language: Spanish

In this course, the student will know all the main tasks to start, learn, understand and implement complete web applications (full-stack) using the MERN stack. The student will be guided through the process of installing and configuring all the requirements to create a practical front-end React.js web application capable of consuming a back-end REST API, with all stuff that surrounds this exciting and highly demanded core of web technologies.

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Create a REST API with MongoDB Atlas, NodeJS and ExpressJS

Language: Spanish

This is a Udemy course in which the student will learn to create a REST API backend using MongoDB Atlas, NodeJS and ExpressJS. Besides, the created project will be synchronized with Github and deployed by means of Heroku web platform.

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Learning Resources

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MERN book

Language: Spanish
In this technical book, the user will learn how to create a microblogging web application from scratch, by using one of the most popular stacks nowadays.

Teaching and innovation projects

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UCLM innovation project    Main Researcher: Ramón Hervás    2019-2021   

Smart Audience Response System for Classroom Feedback. Innovation project to integrate augmented objects in the classroom for participation and monitoring.
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Facilities & Contact

   Paseo Universidad, 4. 13071 Ciudad Real (Spain)
   Email: info@company.com
   Website: https://mamilab.eu